The 6 Most Bizarre And Hilarious Guinness World Records Ever Made

We hear a lot of Guinness world records being made all the time and usually, most of them are strange, unexpected, and meant to make the audience feel shocked and that is fine because how else will they survive in their business but sometimes they just allow them to be completely bizarre. Have a look at 6 of them.

Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute 

The guy chopped 60 watermelons in a minute which means he chopped every watermelon every single second that went by. And that is great but just to make it market it they decided to chop them off on man’s stomach.

Most toilet seats broken by the head in one minute 

Most toilet seats broken by head

I will not even get into details for this one, but I only ask the guy a question. WHY?

Most People at the Virtual Funeral 

Most People at the Virtual Funeral

Just to make a record they went to this level. I hope people who attended the funeral were paid a handsome amount of money.  I really hope so. I will forcefully ask them to pay me to do this to me.

Fastest marathon completed while dressed as a vegetable 

Marathon while dressed as a vegetable

If people indulged in practicing this shit before the actual race, I would still give them a bit credit but again, it was just another gimmick to sell a world record.

Most people tossing Pancakes

Pancake flipping record

Why would you want to do that? I mean tossing pancakes моментальный займ на карту. Give all those pancakes to my younger brother and he will have a record for consuming most pancakes in the world.

The largest gathering of people dressed as penguins 

People dressed as penguins

Some University in the USA thought this would be the greatest thing to do as they have completed their 50 years as a state university.

Guinness should also give themselves a world record stating that “For distributing the most Bizzare World Records Ever”. They don’t even have to do the mentioned record because they have been doing it since the 21st century.


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