Proved Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

PUBG, Players Unknown Battle Ground, is an online shooter game which has gained huge popularity recently. Though the game may look simple in the beginning, the more you play it, the more you will get to learn about it. In the beginning, you will start getting the chicken dinner, which is the term that represents that you are the winner, easily. But, as you start progressing and your level gets high, you will start facing the difficulties. So, we have made a list of some of the easiest tricks and tips that you should be aware of for easily getting a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. But, before we dive into that, let us have a look at how this Player’s Unknown Battle Ground Works.

How PUBG works?

Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

For the people who are new to PUBG, well, they must know that it’s not the typical shooter game that you have been playing for so many years. The main aim for you while playing is to survive and make it to the last, unlike the typical shooter game where you need to kill to survive. In this game, you can win the game without killing a single person. All you need to do is hide somewhere and be in the safe zone. In this game, you along with 99 other players will be dropped off in an island where you will find guns, ammo, helmets, vests and other melee weapons, such as frag grenade, smoke, Molotov cocktail, pans, etc. and a backpack. But, despite grabbing the best weapons, many people fail to make it to the last. So, let us have a look at the easy tricks to win a PUBG match.

  • Put away your weapon while running:   Most of the people ignore the fact that while running if you put away your gun, you can run even faster.

Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

  • Keep a Fuel handy: Grab a gas can whenever you get it as when you are moving around in a vehicle, you may need to refuel it in the middle of the mountain.
  • Turn on the lean mode: Rather than going on the front, you can learn and shoot which is much safer. And with the lean mode, you can aim even better.
  • Use suppressor: If you don’t want to expose yourself to the enemy, it is always recommended that you use a suppressor.
  • Use Red Dot for close combat: Once you master the red dot, your hit will be more accurate than ever.

Use Red Dot for close combat

  • Pick up grenades, smokes, and Molotov: One of the most important tricks of the game which you should know about PUBG is the melee weapons. Most of the time people ignore the importance the melee importance, but they help you when you want to kill the enemy without telling about your location.

Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

  • Stay in the open: If you stay in the house, your vision is limited, and your enemy can quickly kill you by throwing your grenade. So, it is always recommended to stay in the open rather than inside a house.

Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

  • Stay along the zone border: If you move with the zone, then you need to focus only on the front, right and left side since behind you will be the zone.
    So, while playing PUBG the next time, make sure that you have used all the above tips to get a chicken dinner easily.

Tricks and Tips to Win A Chicken Dinner On PubG

So, follow these steps and win a chicken dinner today. Don’t forget to invite us 😉


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