DO NOT Get Into A Relationship With These Months if You Are BORN in DECEMBER

Every relationship requires a lot of work from both the partners for it to be successful. However, it is also seen that people born in certain months are more compatible with each other as compared to others. The people born in December are characterized by their upbeat, fun, patient, energetic, and positive nature. They need someone that can appreciate and compliment their qualities and that is something not offered by the following months.

  • January

Sagittarius and January borns

Both the people born in January and December are too honest for each other’s good. A December-born in inherently a dreamer and they prefer to keep their hopes and dreams alive. A January-born brings you down to Earth at times and that leads to clashes. They have elaborate to-do lists and rarely go with the flow.

  • February

Sagittarius and January borns

A person born in February is highly judgmental and that does not sit well with the easy-going nature of yours. Their protective nature is really sweet at times but if they forget where to draw the line, it can feel like they are belittling you.

  • May

Sagittarius and May borns

The practical and busy lifestyle of a May-born is sure to make you feel that there is lack of excitement and spontaneity. You like to bring in a bit of madness to your life at times whereas a May-born always likes to play it safe when it comes to taking any major or minor decision.

  • June

Stubborn June born

A December-born finds it difficult to understand a person for in June. They cannot be changed according to your needs. In fact, they are too stubborn to change anything about them if they do not feel the need themselves. You are someone who can change easily with time and that does not sit well with them.

  • November

Jealous November born

A November born is way too fiery to be compatible with a person born in December. They always want to have their way and that rarely works out for a December-born. They can also be a bit difficult to handle because of the jealous streak to their nature which clashes with the naturally charming ways of a person born in December.

All said and done, you need to keep in mind to not take all these too literally. Relationships can blossom over time if you give proper effort and time, regardless of considering the birth months.


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